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Please call for turf prices and deliveries as we frequently deliver sod throughout London and Middlesex County. We have advisers ready by phone to answer your questions before and after your turf grass delivery. We deliver sod in any amount for any project type, we have seen it all! Order 24 Hours in advance for sod delivery scheduling. We deliver to the London area daily. Be prepared with the measured area in square yards. Our sod farm is open to public we operate sod farms in Southwestern Ontario for a range of customers that include: retail garden centers, builders/developers, landscapers, sports fields, and homeowners. We are ready and qualified for your sod project!

London Sod Delivery By Strathroy Turf Farms Ltd. Our expertise is sod grass best for the Southwestern Ontario climate in shaded or full sun areas. We have sod farms located just outside London and have been family owned & operated since 1954. We frequent sod deliveries to London Ontario and we are open to the public for homeowners, landscapers, home builders, developers, and retail stores.

Strong Background

We are among Canada’s oldest sod farms with many years of success since 1954 and have grown with Strathroy Turf Farms Ltd and Fairlawn Sod Supply to expand our delivery area. Our farm equipment cuts sod rolls into 2 by 5 foot rolls for a total of 10 square feet.

Unique Ontario Sod Blend

We use a unique sod blend that is best for Southwestern Ontario weather with environmental benefits. Our premium 4 Dimensional Sod Blend is a mix of 4 genetically developed grass seeds with Kentucky Bluegrass for a stronger, healthier lawn. Our sod blend is designed for heat and drought tolerance which means less water consumption, is disease resistant which means it requires fewer chemicals, attractive dark green colour with less fertilizer and a strong vigorous grass that fights weeds and self-repairs. These 4 features make our 4 Dimensional Sod ideal for sports fields and a safe recreational area for home. Strathroy Turf Farm Division fields produce sod on a soil composition of sandy loam. Be sure that your sod producer grows turfgrass on sandy loam to ensure the best outcome for your lawn. Read Ontario's Ministry guidelines here.


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For sod prices and to order sod please call 1-888-763-5340. Our experts are ready by phone to assist with calculating the number of sod rolls you require, delivery scheduling, suggested fertilizers, and other project planning.

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